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The phrase “words to live by” gets thrown around often these days, but these are absolutely words to live by.

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*human sexuality teacher asks you to google images of STDs*

*internal screaming for the rest of my existence*

Oh yeah I saw the movie Turbo and I…actually really like it???? Like the concept is utterly ridiculous but the characters are really cute and the atmosphere is VERY spot on for Los Angeles. and the characters are very fitting for LA to. Pretty sure I’ve met those character irl *laughs*

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deathtosquishies said:vaporuuub

burdbrain said: you could get the type of kleenex with vick’s vapor rub in it, that stuff will blast your sinuses

I don’t think I’ve ever used vapor rub stuff for runny noses omg. I remember my nose getting really irritated when I had a tissue that had some sort of ‘medication’ on it but maybe that’s a good idea